Safely Enabling Industrial Cyber Security

We work with critical infrastructure providers, security services, industrial companies, and research sponsors in Europe and North America to provide security for Industrial Control Systems.

Cyber/Physical Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security

Atumcell analysts study historical examples of physical attacks on control systems, where adversaries got in, and what happened. They use those insights to determine how the attacks could have been prevented and inform development of new defensive solutions.

Offensive and Defensive Industrial Security Research

Atumcell uses a blended approach to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. This includes traditional penetration testing, red teaming and vulnerability discovery services as well as custom-designed solutions based on our team's unique knowledge, experience and industry relationships. Using this approach, we are able to combine the best industry practices while customizing these practices to meet our clients' specific needs.

Operational aspects of ICS security

Atumcell provides products and services to defend against current adversaries in live production environments. Atumcell's flagship Operational Technology (OT) security product is the ATU (Advanced Threat User) detection toolkit, which is a highly configurable and scalable platform for detecting and mitigating advanced threats. The platform is built on top of a modular set of components that can be deployed individually or as a cohesive suite. ATU detects advanced threats by identifying abnormal behaviors in live systems.

Red Team Case Study

Protect Your OT Systems From Cyber Security Threats

An Atumcell Red Team created and developed and deployed a rogue micro-controller to demonstrate Ford’s vulnerability to cyber/physical attack

Cyber/Physical OT Security

OT Security Research

OT Risk and Compliance

Operational Technology Security

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