Incorporate Cyber Security Into Private Equity IT Due Diligence

Due diligence of acquisition targets is increasingly surfacing potential cyber security concerns. Atumcell’s security scanner enables both rapid and thorough cyber security vulnerability analysis to aid investor decisions.

Rapidly assess a target company’s cyber security posture

The Atumcell scanner for private equity IT due diligence provides a fast, frictionless, external analysis of publicly facing IT infrastructure. It can be run at any stage of the investment process, without requiring access to the target company’s systems.

Prioritize pre-and post-close remediations

The scanner provides a high-level report card that can be interpreted by non-technical investment professionals. It supplies a list of remediations, prioritized by severity, exploitability and business impact.

Oftentimes the vulnerabilities can be addressed easily by correcting configuration settings and updating software. Other times it takes a more fundamental rewrite and cyber weaknesses are enough to scupper the deal. Either way it’s good to know before investing rather than taking the risk of a serious or fatal problem later.

Once the investment is closed, the new company is added to the PE firm’s overall portfolio dashboard for ongoing monitoring.

Don’t forget about tuck-in acquisitions

Private equity sponsors focus their diligence budgets on platform deals. But cyber security dangers often lurk in smaller, tuck-in acquisitions that get less scrutiny. These smaller, thinly capitalized companies often take shortcuts in software development that leave the acquirer and the PE firm itself badly exposed.

The Atumcell solution for IT due diligence of cyber security is an effective and affordable tool for tuck-in acquisitions as well as platform deals.

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Due Diligence and Cyber Security

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