Free Message Encryptor: Send Private Notes for Free

AtumSeal self-destructing notes are encrypted and extremely secure. The AtumSeal message encryptor lets you send encrypted, self-destructing, protected text messages to anyone in the world. Keep your conversations private and secure..

When should I use a message encryptor to send protected text?

We developed the AtumSeal message encryptor to enhance message security. These protected text notes can be sent and received without the need for passwords, logins or registration

Use them to:

  • Send login credentials to someone in another organization
  • Provide password resets from the help desk
  • Comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy rules
  • Send personal information, like a Social Security Number or financial details
  • Send a confidential tip to a journalist
  • Check if someone is reading your messages
  • Keep confidential information out of your “sent” folder
  • Saying something sensitive that could later be taken out of context
  • Send confidential materials to colleagues who refuse to follow security rules
  • Share a private thought with yourself to read later

AtumSeal is a great way to send protected text and ensure message security. But remember, if you will need the information more than once –as receiver or sender-- make sure to copy and paste it.


  1. Enter your message
  2. Click the "Seal Note" button
  3. Copy the link and send it to the recipient via regular text or email
  4. When the recipient opens the link, the message will be displayed and then immediately deleted
Send Note

AtumSeal Enterprise is available as an on-prem solution for companies.
Contact us for pricing.

AtumSeal message encryptor

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