Monitor and Address Cyber Risk Across Your Entire Portfolio

Say farewell to expensive, one-off cyber security assessments. Quickly scan all of your portfolio companies to spot vulnerabilities and prioritize fixes.

View your cyber dashboard

Inform investment professionals and LPs with simple letter grades. Drill into the details to guide technical leaders and analysts. Track progress every month or quarter.

Nothing to install, no permissions required

No input or access is required from portfolio companies to perform the scan. No more waiting for the IT department or Managed Service Provider to set things up and troubleshoot.

Verify fixes

Automatically confirm that specified fixes have been implemented. Enable non-technical management and board members to hold technical staff accountable.

Share best practices

Atumcell bulletins highlight common vulnerabilities and fixes across the portfolio and provide intelligence on emerging trends. Atumcell intelligence on Zero Day threats and insights from the Dark Web are automatically incorporated into the scanning process, giving your companies an edge in warding off even the most aggressive adversaries.

Nothing to Install

Simple to Run

Prioritize Risk

Monitor Portfolio Cyber Risk

Scan a portfolio company or book a demo.