Vulnerability Scanning

Atumcell is a frictionless solution that is better and faster than alternatives. It can be implemented in one day and run monthly or quarterly. The scanner embeds intelligence on Zero Day threats and insights from the Dark Web.

Scan public-facing infrastructure

The Atumcell website vulnerability scanning service enumerates your organization’s publicly facing IT infrastructure. It identifies emerging threats before they become incidents. There’s no hardware or software to install, and no log-in access is required.

The follow-up Atumcell VPN scan provides deeper insights on internal networks and systems.

The Atumcell vulnerability scanning service eliminates the need to conduct expensive, weeks’ long projects and helps companies set the appropriate scope for penetration testing.

Perform cloud vulnerability scanning

Atumcell works on your cloud services, too. Default and improper settings on the big cloud providers are a major source of vulnerability. We’ll find and help you fix them.

Visualize vulnerabilities

Atumcell provides an easy-to-understand report card and prioritizes fixes to resolve individual vulnerabilities.

Confirm fixes

Did the analyst really fix the problem? The scanner will confirm it.

Keep up to date on the latest threats

Atumcell provides bulletins and technical support to address common issues, such as weak encryption or outdated server software that plague many companies.

Open Data Scan

Network Scan

App Scan

Check Out Your Vulnerabilities

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